Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Colouring with our Highness

We are "on vacation" in the Netherlands at my aunt's farm to give her a hand.
I grew up in big cities: close to convenience stores, plenty restaurants for night out, physicians and pharmacy at walking distance from home, playground, bookshops, movie theatres and subways to navigate easily through the city. As I  grew up and turned a mother, I couldn't stand city nuisance anymore. The traffic, the noise, the proximity of people are the major causes for us to move away from the city.

I really enjoyed our stay on my aunt's farm : kms of green grass, huge house farm (with plenty of old time treasures and other stuff piled up through the years to sort), ... Between the sorting, the cleaning and the cooking, our Highness and I manage to spend some time colouring (her favorite of all).