Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Where is it ?

The apartment is a mess! The house purge is getting over the empty space (which is kinda ironic). My decluttering process is cluttering my house. After analyzing deeply the missteps, here are the words of wisdom to harness the chaos: 
  • Realistic plan 
Start with 30 minutes to sort and then increase time to trash/keep/donate + set also a time limit in order to ensure a pace to the progress. Don't bite off more than you can chew!
Striving for perfection is a mindset that can be changed. In the decluttering process, progress is what matters.
  • One at a time
Work entirely a room before moving to the other. It will give a sense of accomplishment when the room is done. Otherwise, work simultaneously different room, it only frustrates you because you will not see the work is getting done.
  • No purchase 
Resist the temptation to buy "stuff" as an encouragement or as a reward. Or convince yourself that buying containers will get everything sorted much faster. 
  • Repeat 
Once you've organized the room, work out a plan for keeping the declutter out. 

Also, I don't find my "crocs" anymore.