Sunday, July 10, 2016


Life could be simple but we, people, tend to make it more difficult than it should be. My Dh always says it's typically women who always twist everything (what a macho remark!). 
Everyday, I try to live as the fullest. As self-appointed Queen of procrastination, a fullest day is consisting of doing everything at the same resulting in nothing is completed at the end of the day. Commitment, focus and efficiency only happen at work or when leading the work/house team. It doesn't quite apply to my own personal life: gazillions unfinished crafts projects, unplanned tour visits of now unhappy friends. 
Also, I pay too much attention to details and it can spoil my day if it doesn't turn out the way I planned. I focus more on the end results than on the process. Yes, I am a perfectionista! 
Everyday life is complicated to get through. To calm down, I take a stroll around the city, my passeggiata.