Tuesday, July 5, 2016

L'école est finie. C'est les vacances!

Today was the last day of school. Our Highness and Little Mowgli are growing dark rings under their eyes, accumulated excitement to go on holidays is palpable, expectation of endless hours of playing/crafting/jumping/shouting are at the door. 
We're sitting in a middle of a cold summer (only 19°C, -8°C compared with same date previous year). It doesn't deter us from sipping a homemade strawberry/orange/grapefruit juice with a zest of lemon to drink to a fruitful year and to the well deserved summer holidays. 

Tomorrow, my nephew by marriage, who is turning 12, is coming over for a couple of days. I can't believe he's growing. To me, time is frozen with these pictures stuck in my head. 

This is a great way to begin the holidays for my kiddies. They just love to have people over. "The more, the merrier". Me, I don't like that very much, I see the other side of the curtains: dishes, cleaning scattered toys, calming overexcited kids, ... I'm getting old.