Friday, July 1, 2016

Help me!

My husband burst into rage because we're living in a small apartment but it holds much more it can handle, in one word= too much of toys, kids clothes, crafting supplies and stationary mostly. 

I labelled everything and have an accurate inventory stocks/memory of everything, I also know where everything stands. Do I use them? Yes! I just can't resist the urge to buy multiple  copies of the same items or all items of the range. My name is A., I'm a frantic hoarder and consumerist. 
The reasons I buy are multiple : replace broken/used items, on sales, a must have and too pretty. Even though I have to make rational decision everyday, my mind just goes gaga when approaching a toys/crafts store and sales period as if I am turning into a zombie without brain, I rather rely on primal feelings: if I buy it, I will be very happy, experience a fulfilment feeling. Sometimes, (shame), the next day when the rush goes down and my rationale is taking over, I just return the items. This is a battle between my intellect telling me "you're just slaving away to the consumerist trap" and my feeling "I must possess, it soothes me". The worst of the whole story, I'm spoiling my kiddies and above all I'm passing on the bad habit.

So, I decided after the sales period (let me slowly digest), my purchases are cutting down to twice a year and purchasing only on sale with a maximum budget of 1500€ + the entire house must be cleaned out of surplus. I'm already feeling the anxiety.