Sunday, July 3, 2016


As suffering from overweight and the teasing of others (specially my mother), I pay closely attention to my kids' diet and mine. I allow sweets, chocolate, biscuits, crisps but no soda. We drink water, milk and store-bought juice only when we have people over for dinner or it's someone's birthday. We (home)cook a well balanced meal and use olive oil instead of butter. 
Breakfast is still a matter. I eat bread with jam, the kiddies and the daddy, they like cereals. When you read the nutrition facts, sugar and salt are a major drawback if you want to follow a well balance diet on one hand. On the other hand, it's easy and quick (when we're running late, they eat in the car). I buy in bulk, never run out of stock or dispose them because they're rotten. They come in different tastes and shapes. 
I tried (maybe not hard and often enough) to bribe them to eat bread for breakfast with chocolate paste but they didn't buy it. I'll try with them to make our own granola. And you ? What do your kids eat for breakfast ?