Thursday, June 30, 2016

Out of my head

Three years ago, our Highness passed her beloved Duplo to Mowgli. Over the years, his collection of Duplo grew, now he has +/- 6 full boxes of Duplo's and he keeps asking for more.
He builds 'real things' like he said and sometimes 'something out of my head' thingies. I also enjoy playing with him. The other day, we were building a blocks tower and spaceships. He got carried away by excitement and the tower fell onto the house and it crashed down. Unfortunately, the Duplo plate and a door were damaged which is very weird because I have Duplos dated from 2004-2005 and still in good shape (with bit of scratches here and there but in one piece). I shared my findings to Lego company. One week after, what a lovely surprise they sent me replacement parts! That's why I stick to Legos: good quality and excellent service. 
I did buy Lite Brix, Mega Bloks, building blocks from Unico though. I must admit the quality of the bricks does not equal Lego's.

However, the innovation in themes and the creativity are rather second plan. I feel like what they sell it's a mild version of an old one: less spectacular and less creativity. 

In spite of the copy/paste period, they did an interesting partnership with Superheroes and Disney. My son loves it!! I do believe that Lego has still more happy years but innovation and creativity are quite challenging in this period of time. 
P.S.: This is not a sponsored post.