Thursday, June 30, 2016

Out of my head

Three years ago, our Highness passed her beloved Duplo to Mowgli. Over the years, his collection of Duplo grew, now he has +/- 6 full boxes of Duplo's and he keeps asking for more.
He builds 'real things' like he said and sometimes 'something out of my head' thingies. I also enjoy playing with him. The other day, we were building a blocks tower and spaceships. He got carried away by excitement and the tower fell onto the house and it crashed down. Unfortunately, the Duplo plate and a door were damaged which is very weird because I have Duplos dated from 2004-2005 and still in good shape (with bit of scratches here and there but in one piece). I shared my findings to Lego company. One week after, what a lovely surprise they sent me replacement parts! That's why I stick to Legos: good quality and excellent service. 
I did buy Lite Brix, Mega Bloks, building blocks from Unico though. I must admit the quality of the bricks does not equal Lego's.

However, the innovation in themes and the creativity are rather second plan. I feel like what they sell it's a mild version of an old one: less spectacular and less creativity. 

In spite of the copy/paste period, they did an interesting partnership with Superheroes and Disney. My son loves it!! I do believe that Lego has still more happy years but innovation and creativity are quite challenging in this period of time. 
P.S.: This is not a sponsored post.

Sunday, June 26, 2016


June is a busy month. We are caught between wrapping up the workload, running from one school party to another, organizing babysitting for the kiddies = juggling between summer camps, grandparents and 2 weeks holidays with the dad/2 with me, booking September appointments and events, inviting as it was the last time your friends, biking as it was the last day of summer, etc. It's the last rush before having your feet up. What are you doing this summer? 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shine shine shine

The cherry season has begun. I like the "bigarreaux" variety. They're meaty, juicy and sweet. The best moment to buy is at the end of June. For a week, they give their best flavour and burgundy color.  This year, they're rare and expensive, maybe to shy rays of sun, heavy rain to flood and insects. Patience is the keyword. Let's wait another week. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Our Highness was very excited to sing in public. She's very brave before going in she said to me she was scared and afraid not be able to perform well, to which I answered do the best you can, sing your lungs out and have fun doing it. After the concert, it still resonated in my head : are we pushing Our Highness (un-)consciously ? I had no idea I was giving mixed messages such as the phrase be the best you can be was somehow a mantra for having fun and being competitive. Competitiveness is not per se bad unless it leads to arrogance. 
I remembered one day she failed a test at music school, she was down and she said to me she wasn't good enough, the other kids got the question right. I never thought she had that competitive streak and she was gauging her ability by comparing with peers. She said You tell me to be the best. (What have I done!)
I'm always very positive and my definition of a leader is not always someone who's winning (contradictory?!), it's someone who tumbled, failed but always stands up, every time fastest than previously. Moreover, we can not be good at everything, each has his/her own strength and skills develop at different paces. The important thing is not try to outshine others but to focus on own accomplishments and be proud for every step we take to get the closest to the goal. 
As perfectionist, I used to focus on the main results instead all the steps to get to the goal, even sometimes not even bother to do when I already know the disappointing outcome. As times passes, this tends to disappear. I do rather the opposite, I'm taking risks even sometimes don't even know how to get to the goal or ever reach it. I'm raising my kids to have self-esteem and confidence, surely not at others' expenses. I'm raising them to feel empowered enough to be themselves.  

True !