Saturday, April 30, 2016

Up to the windmill

The family of 4 took the road to the Netherlands for a friendly visit in the rain. On the way, we stop to a "pannenkoekenhuisje", a crepe restaurant. You can get salty or sweet crepes. The staff is really nice and for the kiddies, it's just heaven: playground outside (between 2 drops), board games by the fire inside and an educative concept of shopping for the kiddies. When you eat, you get some coins which you can exchange for a toy : a small toy is 2 coins going up to 20 coins. A good way to educate the kiddies about the value of money! They loooved it and the parents too, they negotiated/traded and played together. The staff is really nice and gave us some indoor activities to do with the kiddies. 

It was nice to see my friend and her family. They're genuine people with a big heart, they're there when you need them and don't have the big mouth with 10 000 promises. I always feel warm welcomed and spoiled by my friends' delicious cooking. We have 10 years difference but we reach the same point in life and going through the same thing. It has been a year since I talk to her but we just pick up where we left off. Our respective husbands also reinforced their bound. we reat day!  

The next day, we went up to the top at the Emmamolen in Nieuwkuijk to grind the wheat. 

Little Mowgli tried to lift the wheat bag

Nothing bouged

We had a fun 2 days trip to the Netherlands. See you soon!