Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vrolijk Pasen

According to a study on over 19 000 people published in the European Heart Journal, eating chocolate eggs lower the blood pressure (only small amounts but I neglect to write that detail) and chocolate eaters have 39% lower risk of heart attack and strokes. A good excuse to eat chocolate until you burst. 

We try to avoid buying chocolate in supermarket. They're unutterably horrible chocolate, they taste more like brown coloured sugar than cacao based chocolate. Here in France though, two acceptable chocolate with a nice packaging are the leading brands: Kinder Ferrero and Lindt. The kiddies can not have enough of the Kinder eggs. I'm not sure if they buy for the chocolate or for the toy. I like the Lindt bunnies in golden foil. The worst are those eggs filled with some slimy-gooey stuff. 

My DH and I prefer to go to maitre-chocolatier boutiques. This year, we ask the maitre-chocolatier in our little hometown to make two giant eggs : one white and one milk chocolate. 
I was kinda disappointed. The taste was there. As far the visual was concerned, it needed improvement : sloppy multiple layers of chocolate. The look could be made with all good intentions, it is the artist's signature after all but we expected a neat and regular coat of chocolate. Next time, we should be more precise on what we were expecting. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the family gathering.