Friday, March 25, 2016

My name is A. and I am an addict

It all started very young, at 22 years old (yeah it is young!!!). I can not describe the euphoria when I'm doing it. I tried a couple of times to stop but it is so hard to overcome the addiction.

My name is A. and I am a stationary addict, in particular pens and pencils.
I possess three full shoe boxes, ranging from common to more fancy ones. I get high from wandering aisle in a stationary shop, they are so nicely organized by colors and shapes. I start to use some of them, a real thrill following a guilty feeling to use the ink of the pen or to mess the perfect sharpened tip of the pencil up. Irrevocably, I run to the stationery shop to buy some spare ones, feeding again and again the "collection". If you behave, I'll show you my collection. And you, do you have a secret addiction ?