Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dancing with flavours

My DH told me he took the day off to be with me. He took me to a sushi restaurant for lunch in 1st arrondissement in Paris (here). Marvellous! I strongly recommend it : a minimalist decor + fantastic food = me happy. It's pricy though but worth every of it. As a 1st timer, I was positively surprised: the Chef is moulded the sushis in front of you which gives just the right portion of rice/fish at a luke temperature to let it smelt in your mouth. Let me know about your experience. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Vrolijk Pasen

According to a study on over 19 000 people published in the European Heart Journal, eating chocolate eggs lower the blood pressure (only small amounts but I neglect to write that detail) and chocolate eaters have 39% lower risk of heart attack and strokes. A good excuse to eat chocolate until you burst. 

We try to avoid buying chocolate in supermarket. They're unutterably horrible chocolate, they taste more like brown coloured sugar than cacao based chocolate. Here in France though, two acceptable chocolate with a nice packaging are the leading brands: Kinder Ferrero and Lindt. The kiddies can not have enough of the Kinder eggs. I'm not sure if they buy for the chocolate or for the toy. I like the Lindt bunnies in golden foil. The worst are those eggs filled with some slimy-gooey stuff. 

My DH and I prefer to go to maitre-chocolatier boutiques. This year, we ask the maitre-chocolatier in our little hometown to make two giant eggs : one white and one milk chocolate. 
I was kinda disappointed. The taste was there. As far the visual was concerned, it needed improvement : sloppy multiple layers of chocolate. The look could be made with all good intentions, it is the artist's signature after all but we expected a neat and regular coat of chocolate. Next time, we should be more precise on what we were expecting. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the family gathering. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quest to Eiffel tower statue

Today, I went to Eiffel Tower neighbourhood to find a 60cm-Eiffel tower statue for my son. He's obsessed with the tower since we moved in 2013. I found one at 60€, out of budget. So I decided to stroll in Paris 15e and I found this pastry (here), which I already know from a revious post (here).
I bought a chocolate cake with roasted almond, a combination of crispy outer layer, tender inside cake with a crunchy touch. The staff took time to show me their goodies. The boutique is filled with lights and bright colours, the antipode of the other boutique I know which is more on the darker tone color. Une valeur sure.

Friday, March 25, 2016

My name is A. and I am an addict

It all started very young, at 22 years old (yeah it is young!!!). I can not describe the euphoria when I'm doing it. I tried a couple of times to stop but it is so hard to overcome the addiction.

My name is A. and I am a stationary addict, in particular pens and pencils.
I possess three full shoe boxes, ranging from common to more fancy ones. I get high from wandering aisle in a stationary shop, they are so nicely organized by colors and shapes. I start to use some of them, a real thrill following a guilty feeling to use the ink of the pen or to mess the perfect sharpened tip of the pencil up. Irrevocably, I run to the stationery shop to buy some spare ones, feeding again and again the "collection". If you behave, I'll show you my collection. And you, do you have a secret addiction ?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Call me Queen Procrastination

In such fast-paced and performance-based society, procrastination is the worst enemy.
Managing time and optimize productivity were my constant struggle. Moreover, I haven't managed to find the 1st condition order of the following equation : "running after time+never-ending to-do lists+stress=my daily life".

With time passing and me aging, priorities shift : I'm more focused on personal projects than professional with a feeling of discomfort and guilt. This leads me to think that performance is a concept that is so deeply integrated in my education and in my personality, that is everything is unrelated to work is considered distraction from the main goal : achieve. 

I am scared, sad and above all I feel powerless. I want a job (yep! still jobless), I want to "fit in" in that society while this same society is rejecting me and pushing me to the edge. Nobody likes to be rejected. Well ... better focus on the brighter side : I spend quality time with the kids and my DH is taking out to fancy restaurants. Today, I enjoy an Earl grey tea while watching a tutorial on how to crochet a granny square blanket. Job search has to wait.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Gracious on ice

The kiddies were nagging about going ice skating. As the Daddy was home that day, we went on the icy cold track. I spent most of the time on my derrière than on my feet. I will curse the day later. The 2 little wobbly penguins got scared facing the vastness of the icy white but each in his/her way overcomes the fear, learns to tame it and started to slide on the icy. We all laughed at the end.