Sunday, November 8, 2015

A l'attaque !!

It's been a while that I'm looking for a castle for my son. I'm not certain about the material: wooden or plastic one, definitely not a paper one... This is until I found this one from Hema store. I think it would be fun! a sort of "2 birds in 1 stone": the colouring part for Our Highness and playing with the castle for Little Mowgli. It's a go-go craft project/toy. 
It's a glossy paper, better use marker (or acrylic paint). It took, Our Highness and I, 2 half days to get to the end of the colouring part. To get everything sturdy enough and to avoid to get it undone, we tape every side.  
We play together bad vs good knight from yesterday (Little Mowgli called it so). At the end of the day, happy kiddies! 

Our Highness chose the colour palette.And the story board is in the hands of Little Mowgli. 

Once upon a time, yesterday actually, there were two knights, Green and Pirate. They are really bad knights but for real hé. They wanted to go inside the castle and burn everything because it's their job. 

What they didn't know it, it's that inside the castle lives the black knight and his horse. This knight is the strongest because he has a sword and an axe. He is the "baddest"of all and stronger than Green and Pirate. They smashed the door and the black knight killed them and the end. 

So much violence in a 15 minutes story! I will keep a close eye on Little Mowgli for a while.