Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Killing time

We're getting at the end of July. The kiddies got full and busy days playing, crafting, shouting and just being silly. The challenge lies ahead as we still have a month to go before "la rentrée": inventing activities, sightseeing, ... Any ideas of activities to do in Belgium ? 
We went for Belgian culinary and tradition must. Our Highness took a belgian waffle "revisité" and Little Mowgli fell in love with a giant ice cream cone. (The separation was painful, tears and stamping were involved). 

There are two kind of Belgian waffles: gaufre de Liège and gaufre de Bruxelles. 
1st one is a waffle from Liège. A heavy consistency with pearl sugar, it gets caramelized when baked as it should be. 
2nd one is a waffle from Brussels. A light consistency that you eat with icing sugar. However, with time you get variant version : with chocolate, with whipped cream, etc. 
Here (in the picture), we stand halfway between the 2 version : not with pearl sugar, heavier consistency than Brussels waffle. Original packaging but the taste is not there. 

Little Mowgli chose a traditional vanilla ice cream. And fell in love with a sandwich.