Sunday, August 30, 2015

Feeding the Planet, energy for Life

We visited the Milano Expo 2015. This year theme revolves around innovation and food on 1.1 km sq. Each 145 countries has its own build pavilion. The weather is extremely hot, we're attacked by mosquitos. And there's no many seats (unless in cafés) and scarce cool down points. Nevertheless, we're having a good time with our world tour!

Little Mowgli's drinking milk from a cow. 

Albero della vita or the tree of life

The supermarket of the future where everything is datafied. 

I didn't fully understand the idea of food + innovation at the Netherlands stand. It was mostly food /bar trucks. 
The French pavilion was awesome: fish and pans hanging from the ceiling. 
We ate French fries and chocolate in Belgium where they grow their greens vertically (Japan's already been doing it).

Brasil was challenging : escalade a fishnet under 32°C. 
The sun shines bright and colourful in Ecuador.

We went also in Kazakhstan and in China. 

Dancing in Vietnam.

Playtime at the children park with water.