Sunday, August 30, 2015

Feeding the Planet, energy for Life

We visited the Milano Expo 2015. This year theme revolves around innovation and food on 1.1 km sq. Each 145 countries has its own build pavilion. The weather is extremely hot, we're attacked by mosquitos. And there's no many seats (unless in cafés) and scarce cool down points. Nevertheless, we're having a good time with our world tour!

Little Mowgli's drinking milk from a cow. 

Albero della vita or the tree of life

The supermarket of the future where everything is datafied. 

I didn't fully understand the idea of food + innovation at the Netherlands stand. It was mostly food /bar trucks. 
The French pavilion was awesome: fish and pans hanging from the ceiling. 
We ate French fries and chocolate in Belgium where they grow their greens vertically (Japan's already been doing it).

Brasil was challenging : escalade a fishnet under 32°C. 
The sun shines bright and colourful in Ecuador.

We went also in Kazakhstan and in China. 

Dancing in Vietnam.

Playtime at the children park with water.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Alligator attack

We've been hanging around the all day : gardening, baking, crafting. As the time elapses towards la rentrée (2 weeks to go), our Highness got a super meltdown. She got a clap on her self-esteem, she was crying and saying she won't be able to make it through the year because the difficulty at school only will get higher and higher, etc. I was hurt. I'm suffered myself of low self-esteem and I didn't know I was projecting on her. Parenting is a constant self questioning and adjusting. If you have ideas, I'm all ears. See you later, alligator!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mais c'est fou!

I luuuv crafts store. It nurtures my obsessive collector side and compulsive organizer, I buy things I don't need, I just want to own them and I luvv to see that everything is organized by shapes and colors. A delight!!!

After my long walk between gigantic aisles, I came home with shrink plastic - princess pattern. It comes with a pattern, shrink plastic sheets and a chain. You will need a pair of scissors, freezer paper and an oven.
First, you trace the drawing on the plastic sheet, cut the coloured drawing and put on a freezer paper in the oven. It curls and shrinks before getting flat again. However, I will recommend when you take them out of the oven, to flatten them under a dictionary or a phone book for a while.
See results hereunder.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Killing time

We're getting at the end of July. The kiddies got full and busy days playing, crafting, shouting and just being silly. The challenge lies ahead as we still have a month to go before "la rentrée": inventing activities, sightseeing, ... Any ideas of activities to do in Belgium ? 
We went for Belgian culinary and tradition must. Our Highness took a belgian waffle "revisité" and Little Mowgli fell in love with a giant ice cream cone. (The separation was painful, tears and stamping were involved). 

There are two kind of Belgian waffles: gaufre de Liège and gaufre de Bruxelles. 
1st one is a waffle from Liège. A heavy consistency with pearl sugar, it gets caramelized when baked as it should be. 
2nd one is a waffle from Brussels. A light consistency that you eat with icing sugar. However, with time you get variant version : with chocolate, with whipped cream, etc. 
Here (in the picture), we stand halfway between the 2 version : not with pearl sugar, heavier consistency than Brussels waffle. Original packaging but the taste is not there. 

Little Mowgli chose a traditional vanilla ice cream. And fell in love with a sandwich.