Friday, June 5, 2015

Quality time with DH

My DH and I went shopping and sightseeing around Paris. We decided to stop and tried Café Pouchkine on Haussman in 9e. 
Nice decor with a few chairs, if you want to sit down and enjoy a quiet moment, I suggest you try the other one on 3e or 6e where for the latter, you can have lunch. I advise you to make a reservation though. It is always crowded. 
As the price is concerned, it is average for this type of patisserie (from 6-8euros a piece)
I usually don't like mass production but I must admit it is nicely done and the staff is really client-orientated. In one word, cafe Pouchkine = worth the try.

We had a Diadema (crumble, lemon/jasmin cream) and a classic mille feuille (very "gourmand" but the biscuit was to caramelized to my taste overpowered the vanilla cream).