Friday, November 14, 2014

More astonishment!!

I ate a lot of mille-feuilles in my life from the supermarket, the local pâtisserie to the more sophisticated one. Nothing is comparable to this mille-feuille (here), the fluffiness of the whipped cream, the soft crème pâtissière and the crusty puff pastry. As I couldn't believe my eyes, I took other sweets, just to make sure, I wasn't dreaming. The three patisseries were delicious but my preference goes to the mille-feuille.
I also took a jambon/comté sandwich, I was impressed by the crusty baguette.

I have no adjectives which can describe exactly my contentement. So I strongly recommend. Cyril Lignac, thank you for all the goodies you make!

From left to right : mille-feuille, tarte au citron, fruits rouges and baba au rhum