Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy B-day to me

I stop counting after my 30s. I wanted to try the famous Paris-Brest (here). The pastry was created in 1910 by Louis Durand to commemorate the bicycle Paris-Brest-Paris tour. The round shape is representative of the bicycle wheel. 
The Paris-Brest is a round shaped pâtisserie made of pâte à choux filled with praline cream, sprinkled with sugar (you can also find in some pâtisserie Paris-Brest with flaked almonds). It's heavy but smelt on your tongue. 

For the kiddies, chocolate macaron with chocolate cream and raspberry touch.

Happy B-day to me!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eating out

 We went for "une petite douceur", a little treat in Paris (here). Marvellous! 
As entrée, we had a rocher coco, a mix of coconut, sugar and egg white. As main dish, we had a Mont-Blanc and a Censier : a crusty praliné with a creamy dark chocolate.As dessert, a Lilly Valley, a sort of Saint-Honoré with a twist of violet : 3 pâtes à choux with whipped cream with violet taste lying on a pâte sablée. Finally, with the coffee came the Marie-Antoinette : a raspberry macarons with a rose flavoured cream. If you're in the 5e arrondissement, give it a try!! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

More astonishment!!

I ate a lot of mille-feuilles in my life from the supermarket, the local pâtisserie to the more sophisticated one. Nothing is comparable to this mille-feuille (here), the fluffiness of the whipped cream, the soft crème pâtissière and the crusty puff pastry. As I couldn't believe my eyes, I took other sweets, just to make sure, I wasn't dreaming. The three patisseries were delicious but my preference goes to the mille-feuille.
I also took a jambon/comté sandwich, I was impressed by the crusty baguette.

I have no adjectives which can describe exactly my contentement. So I strongly recommend. Cyril Lignac, thank you for all the goodies you make!

From left to right : mille-feuille, tarte au citron, fruits rouges and baba au rhum

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nothing more cheerful than ...

Moving to a new country has its drawbacks and benefits. Lately, I'm riding the down wave. Nothing is the same, people are impatient and rude (getting yelled at because I wasn't driving fast enough) and I have much more little meaningless examples which become mountains when you don't feel at home or you don't feel a part of. A friend of mine came for a couple of days and brought me this. Heavy, warmth coming out of the plastic bag, smells like butter, ... 

No peaky 
Tightly closed 

A yogurt cake with coconut flakes.   OvO 

Nothing more cheerful than a friend... and a cake. Thanks to YOU, K!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quality time on my own

The 3 kiddies are going to swim for at least 2 hours leaving me enough time to chill and to do just nothing. What a delight!