Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Today I put on my tourist costume and went to Paris. I just wandered the street around Opera station.
As any city, it is noisy and crowded. Strangely, I grew up downtown. Noise of traffic, people, barking dogs, the sound of the doorbell every time someone pushes the door at the bakery, etc. it seems the past few years my sensitiveness to noise increases dramatically. This is why I live in the calm and green suburbs of Paris. Nevertheless, Paris is beautiful!! I'm always amazed by the contrast of the grey building with the shiny gold of the statue and inscription. It is as a fight between good/evil, beautiful/ugly, etc. Or as the new trend to get photographed with a white wedding dress in an abandoned building or in a dirty swamp lake.

I stopped at the "café de la paix" for a coffee break. The decor is classic French and the service was ok, nothing special to say except that it is extremely pricy : +/- 10€ for a regular coffee. There are so much coffee places, bistrots and restaurants around the neighbourhood where you can get a coffee for 3€.

I'm so excited to discover Paris and its architecture, bakery,… If you have some address worth the visit, I'm all ears!!!!