Sunday, March 9, 2014

Nicely wrapped

When my morale is low, I indulge myself with sweet delicacies. In Paris, your choice is immense : from top pastry chef to local ones, from traditional to avant gardiste, … well  you can let yourself go, to let your eyes bulge out, your mouth water and your teeth sink into the sweetly-doodlely do sweet heaven.

I heard so much about him (Meilleur ouvrier de France 2004 in pastry-sweet maker). So I had to pay a respectful visit.
As I pushed the door open with trembling and sweaty hands, my expectations were high. I discovered a nice clean modern-looking shop, a patient lady who gave me explanations on the sweets.

Finally, I choose macarons (vanilla, chocolate and strawberry) and a fruity cake. My heart broke into pieces…  I was so disappointed!!!
At the 1st bite into the macaron, the texture was not what expected : the shell was too soft, the texture was more like a brownie with a ganache.
The fruity cake was fresh, bitter/sweet, a great balance between the softness of the mousse and the crispiness of the bottom&the nuts. However, the cake was still frozen in the middle, hence the watery taste. And as golden rule, a pastry should be a treat for all your senses and above all eatable entirely. The name of the artist was written on a vulgar not eatable cardboard. I would expected the sign in "pâte à sucre" or in chocolate at least. I was not pleased at all !!!