Wednesday, January 8, 2014


A while ago the standing lamp in the living room just went dead. My first thought was to replace the light bulb but nothing happened. After some procrastination episode and a lotta consumed candlesticks, I decided to open the switch (I must admit I was feeling crafty that day). I put on my "Mac Gyver" uniform and tried to find out what happened. To my great astonishment I was able to repair it (only a loose wire). When I told my husband he went on a monologue saying it was very dangerous, I could have been electrocuted and I should have called him. He's not completely wrong : my handy Manny is a synonym of Bridget Jones. And you? Are you in the same category as me?

Monday, January 6, 2014

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I let you savour.

The cupcakes (#2, #3, #5) are from Petits gateaux in Mont-Royal, Montreal. They are as delicious as they look. The combination of fluffy cake and a light topping make them worth a special trip. The boutique is painted in girly vintage pastel colours and I've always been welcomed with a smile.
We once made a special order for my daughter's birthday and they were very professional.

The cupcakes (#1 and #4) are from Les glaceurs in Vieux-Montreal. As a whole, the cupcakes are ok. Decor and service are nice. Go for a try only if you're in the neighbourhood.

In France, the cupcake trend is hitting the shops. As a dedicated reporter, I have to investigate and find out where to buy the best cupcake in Paris. Any suggestions?