Friday, December 6, 2013

Sinterklaas is er!

 In the days leading up to December 6th my kiddos were behaving their best. 
Saint Nicholas (the "Dutch Santa Claus"), his horse and Zwarte Piet (Saint Nicholas' helper) have left Spain on a steamboat and were making their way to our house with bags filled with spiced gingerbread biscuits (speculaas in Dutch), clementine and THE gifts (being part of THE infinite list of wanted toys carefully enumerated by our Highness daughter and sent 2 months earlier to make sure the wanted toys arrive safely). As Saint Nicholas only brings gifts to the kiddies who have behaved well in the past year otherwise they get an onion.

On Saint Nicholas' Eve (December 5) we spent the day singing* while making cookies and decoration/signs to make sure Saint Nicholas finds our house. We are not too much careful says our Highness. Before going to bed, they put a carrot in their boots and prepared cookies+a glass of milk in front of the entrance door. However the tradition requires in front of the chimney but we don't have one. Our Highness is always full of surprise, she put an onion for Zwarte Piet because he's a naughty one she said.
The apotheosis is the morning of December 6, the kiddos were over exhilarated and the day was punctuated with period of calm, some "mmmmmmmMMmmmm…" were heard (mouth full of candies) and with period of sugar pumped kids jumping on the couch thanking Saint Nicholas for the super duper gifts and goodies.

*Sinterklaas kapoentje, 
gooi wat in mijn schoentje, 
gooi wat in mijn laarsje, 

Dank u, Sinterklaasje.