Monday, December 16, 2013

American cinnamon roll vs Breton Kouignette

Maison Georges Larnicol is a wooden luxury candy shop with a self service concept. Translucid bins are filled with mix of chocolate waiting to be eaten. Some creations are weighed at the counter as the kouignette. Or Kouign amann comes from the Breton (language), translating to butter cake.

I bought a plain and chocolate kouignette, a super sticky, crispy and sugary bomb. It is refrigerated and hard to get off the plastic paper. I did manage to mess up the display. 

The salesman told me to warm it in the oven before eating. Not having a portable oven with me and mostly as a sugar addict, I couldn't wait til home, so as soon as I stepped out the store I gulped it. 
(Pause)… (Another bite following another pause)… Well…

I couldn't appreciate the taste to the fullest: way too sugary to my taste (buttery but ok). 

Even though I didn't enjoy the kouignette, I will definitely come back to try some varieties of chocolate and macarons.