Sunday, December 29, 2013

1 year ago at Xmas

A year ago we were celebrating Xmas in Montreal. The reminiscence is vague but the taste of our dessert is as vivid as it was yesterday. I must admit I nurture a particular relationship with food, specially dessert. However each bite of sweetness is prefaced with a guilty feeling, the forbidden food has been consumed, folks!
Yes, I am overweight : 18 kilos over the average weight for my age, height, bone structure and other factors. This is due to pregnancy, sleep deprivation, emotional stress as now being unemployed or simply because my tastebuds get all excited when tasting sugary heaven. 
Dieting and moderation were and never will be part of my vocabulary. I indulge myself on a regular basis in sugary pastries, chocolate and candies and living in France doesn't help to stop either. I'm not a fan of sugary cereals, fast-food or dip and sauce though. Moreover, having skinny mother and sister who don't miss any opportunity to remind your fat-laden self to stop eating and to set as a healthy example for the kids (who are fitter than anyone in the family). As of yet I live every day as it was the last. 

Xmas dessert from here in Montreal. Chocolate Xmas ball, ok but nothing spectacular

In Paris, we had an exquisite ice cream bûche de Noel from Hugo&Victor (here) : a complexed combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a crispy nuts. This is from far the best ice cream bûche de Noel I have had in my life. Pricy but worth every cent.