Friday, November 15, 2013

Time shifting

My pursuit of a white-collar job in a cruel world of finance is still on the go (I will elaborate in details in a post and apologize for this lack of in-depth analysis in this post). 
So far no interviews sapping my morale and surely sinking my self-esteem. Instead of drifting into depression I choose to cope in my own way: learning some new skills to boost my chance to get noticed, doing some voluntary work to promote scientific research in finance, founding an association promoting Dutch culture, visiting pastries, etc… and sightseeing. 

That day I felt like strolling with no particular exhibition to go to, nor MOF pastry cook to visit. After a few corners I bumped into this street and noticed this rack of scooters. It just made me smile, few years ago one could see a rack of bikes, sometimes motorbikes and now scooters. Strangely I found it funny this time shifting.  

As I was strolling suddenly I saw "la Tour Eiffel" hiding behind trees.

 Here in its glory.