Thursday, November 7, 2013

In the jungle of job searching

I have been short on posting for a month now. My excuse is the last month was entirely devoted to finding a job. The result has been... Z-I-L-C-H.

Time to assess the situation and take further actions

I did research about the company and put a personal touch to each cover letters. I applied in my field in different sectors, even applied for position not in my field but for which my skills can be used. 

In terms of time spent in job searching after a month :

  • 20 hours in writing/updating resume and cover letters including completing online profiles and inputting resumes into employer databases 
  • 30 hours in searching for and applying to specific posted job through online job site and employer site 
  • 60 hours in preparing tests, reading news/reports related to my field
  • 10 hours in networking (asking family, friends, alumni to share contacts working in my field) and follows-up of job application
  • 1 hour in interview ending with no result (a temporary employment agency called me for a specific job post that I answer. She interviewed me. In the meantime, I called the company directly and I found out the post was already taken prior to my interview. I came for a position I applied for, not to fill the job applicants database. Afterwards I never heard from her again despite my many attempts)
  • 0 hour in attending job fair (no job fairs organized)

Please! Spare me the B*S* about economic and financial turmoil ... bla bla bla. If so, there would be a sky-rocketing rate of employment (according to INSEE : 10.5% for 2013T2 compared to 10.4% for 2013T1 and 10.1% for 2012T4, little differences for my age through years). 
So what do I do wrong? Can you feel the frustration?! It is a cry for help, folks! HELP ME!