Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy dad

Daddy spent his B-day far away from home (on a work duty) for a month. It was surreal to celebrate his B-day with 6 hours time difference and 5000 km away from each other. 
Our Highness is missing daddy a lot. She tried to convince me that is was possible to sleep in a suitcase so that next time she could go with daddy. 

The silly girl spent the entire weekend working on daddy's B-day gift. She's only 5 years but really mature for her age. She told me the other day : "A gift must come from the hart, [...] not quickly buy at the store, something [...] your heart hears and [...] people know you love them." Still have a lot to learn from her. Upon his arrival back home, daddy was very happy.

Heart made out of maxi size hama beads