Friday, November 29, 2013

Family secret

As a compulsive organizer, I had to begin with the sorting of the beads. In the midst of my transition to "No more procrastination" and before beads become obsolete, I put aside the sorting and began to do the family's portrait.


After a long battle to get pregnant of our Highness, it striked me as an evidence to set aside the career, the social, the woman and … the waistline to commit to being full-time mother. I guess by lack of having a loving mother and father (they tended the basic needs but did not provide the love I look for). I refused to redeem the past, I committed to be the "perfect mother". My mission was to give all my love and attention with consigning myself to the oblivion. Surely I strongly counter-reacted to my lack of loving parents. 

Now I need to swap my full-time mother costume to a working woman/mother with a social life. The consequence of this trade will be less time to give to the kiddies and the husband. Does it make me a less caring mother and loving wife.