Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Highness is turning 5

Getting through the wishes demands of our Highness for birthday parties was a huge accomplishment!
2 separate parties were held : 1 for the 4 of us at home and 1 for the friends.
This year our Highness requested: hamburger, apple juice and a homemade chocolate cake with smarties to share with the little family.

and a challenging but amusing "thing" for the friends. The expectations are set high, folks!

A year ago I learned at my own costs that there were strict rules to follow to have a successful party : sodas, candies and cake + coordinated theme, decor and entertainment resulting in a disappointed Highness who blamed me for all the misery in her life (4 years old drama queen and spoiled rat!). In my emergency kit of parenthood birthday party involves blowing candles, cake, rudimentary decor and let the kids entertain themselves (minimum adult interference). It didn't strike me as an evidence that the parents should be graduated from the New York Film Academy. I was so naive to believe that the whole process of selecting the guests and the effort in writing the invitations were the booster of building the social identity of our precious ones. I was W-R-O-N-G. From now on birthday party = sugar pumped kids in a fancy decor.

Macarons workshop for the friends.