Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mama? 0-°

The other day we were strolling along the park on our way to the woods.

-The Highness daughter: Mamaaaaa? May I have your camera? I'd like to take a picture.
((I hand over the camera. She took the picture of this flower. I was amazed by how she knew how to switch on and to zoom in/out. She tried different angles (looking up/down, crouching, straight on), she took pictures of the stem, focusing on the pistil, the stamen and the leaves before taking this picture)). 

-The Highness daughter: There. This one is the one. (long pause). Mamaaaaa? May I take a picture of you ?
-Mama-me: Yes, of course. (Strike the pose. Vogue style).
-The Highness daughter: (laughing) Nooooo. Not like that. I want a picture of you but from the back.
-Mama-me:   °-°  
-The Highness daughter: Yes. You don't know how you look like from the back.
-Mama-me:   °-°      O-0

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