Sunday, October 6, 2013

La farandole des tétines

The Highness daughter is was a pacifier lover. From dusk till dawn, she had her pacifier for 1.5 years straight. I dreaded the day we had to wean her from it. I could feel the sweaty hands and the sleepless nights coming. Actually it was easier than I thought. We mentally prepared her by telling the pacifier has done a great job to soothe her but it is finally time to go to the retirement center as all pacifiers of all the kiddies around the world do. She asked for it throughout the day, it was going to be a loooonngg day but we managed to distract her and the pacifier was history after a week.


Until the other day I was tidy up her room I noticed the pacifiers sling (I kept some as souvenirs) was gone and the Highness daughter was in the bathroom cleaning up a pacifier to discretely put in her mouth. I observed her for a while and realized she is growing up (and fast). She gets sometimes on my nerves but I love her so much.
As ex-expats, we moved around a lot. She had to be, quite a few times, the new kid on the block. It was not easy for her as a shy girly girl but she managed. There is an endless sparkle in her eyes and one can see she is truly happy. We, parents, did a great job so far.

As for the brother Mowgli, he was never really interested in pacifiers. He had 3 which he quickly abandoned. He is a smart one he was hooked up to breastfeeding, still now. He still gets his moment in the morning. We decide it is time to stop, we'll see how it works.

As for breastfeeding, soothing, quitting, how was it for you ?