Monday, October 7, 2013

In a dream

Autumn is here, soon the winter coats, the ritual of the window scraper, the winter shovel and the annoying condensation on the glasses are knocking on the door. When we lived in North America, winter was very long and harshly cold. We also had sunny days that made you blind and some other days when your nose hairs are frozen from the ice cold air. Here in France, winter is mild punctuated with some cold days but not enough to freeze all the germs. So every year for at least 1 week, I'm out-of-order. Today, I went to La Patisserie des rêves, Paris 7e. You eat first with your eyes : very inventive and disruptive shape (e.g. chocolate eclair see picture below). My tastebuds were not thrilled, I found it too sugary. And a beautiful boutique!!! Just like a dream, white wall, pastries under glass bubbles, touch of pink colour. My daughter loves the decor, she wants the same thing for a bedroom. It was crowded when we were there, not much interaction with the staff. I was pleased to try it. 

top left: vanilla mille-feuille - top right: Saint-honoré 
down left: fruitier - down right: chocolat éclair