Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrating Autumn - Paris version

In Paris, autumn is interesting. The rain falls time to time, we collect the red/golden leaves and contemplating the variety of mushrooms. 

Chestnuts are falling. This means season for châtaignes (to mistake with marrons d'Inde, because the latter is toxic) : marrons glacés (the name is confusing, not a fan though), confiture de marrons (again confusing, the consistency of peanut butter or more liquid depending on the homemade or store-bought version but without the salt, the cream and... peanut  daaaa), pastries/macarons and roasted chestnut (my favourite). 

Halloween decor hit the shops timidly and a few kiddies go trick or treat in my neighbourhood.
Being able to live the same day (here Halloween at 1 year spread) in two different countries, it is truly enriching : not only understanding how one lives but also about learning about myself. I'm at ease stepping out of my comfort zone. Autumn is soon living and I can't wait for Winter and Xmas.