Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrating Autumn - Montreal version

Autumn is a particular season for us, the ending of the warm weather and the beginning of the cold weather. We contemplate the leaves falling and go for long walks in the woods and collect different golden/red leaves, rocks and sticks for the kiddies crafts projects.

When we were living in Montreal, Autumn was wonderful (except for the heavy rains for a couple of days). As this period of time, we prepared ourself mentally and physically for the upcoming and loooonng cold weather. We autumn-cleaned the house and took out all the blankets and the gladiator winter protection (beanie, meter long scarf, windproof gloves) ready to be put on. We made room for a stock of maple syrup and for a looot of candles. Mid-October, we carved the pumpkins and indulged ourselves with chocolate: chocolate pastries, chocolate croissant, chocolate biscuits, chocolate tablette, mousse au chocolat and hot chocolate to drink. And by the end of the month, Halloween!!

Olympic stadium

Montreal Botanical Garden

Next episode : Autumn in Paris.