Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrating Autumn - Paris version

In Paris, autumn is interesting. The rain falls time to time, we collect the red/golden leaves and contemplating the variety of mushrooms. 

Chestnuts are falling. This means season for châtaignes (to mistake with marrons d'Inde, because the latter is toxic) : marrons glacés (the name is confusing, not a fan though), confiture de marrons (again confusing, the consistency of peanut butter or more liquid depending on the homemade or store-bought version but without the salt, the cream and... peanut  daaaa), pastries/macarons and roasted chestnut (my favourite). 

Halloween decor hit the shops timidly and a few kiddies go trick or treat in my neighbourhood.
Being able to live the same day (here Halloween at 1 year spread) in two different countries, it is truly enriching : not only understanding how one lives but also about learning about myself. I'm at ease stepping out of my comfort zone. Autumn is soon living and I can't wait for Winter and Xmas.

Monday, October 28, 2013

♥♡♥♥Le pont des Amours♥♥♡♡

My little boy and I spent the day crossing over La Seine footbridges in Paris : from le pont des Arts, la Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor and le Pont de l'Archevêché. He was so fascinated by those blinky padlocks, which symbolize love for ones and pollution for others.


 He's trying to crack the combination of a MasterLock. 


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Mowgli Day

Little Mowgli is entering the Terrible Twos. 

Thank you darling for being … 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Highness is turning 5

Getting through the wishes demands of our Highness for birthday parties was a huge accomplishment!
2 separate parties were held : 1 for the 4 of us at home and 1 for the friends.
This year our Highness requested: hamburger, apple juice and a homemade chocolate cake with smarties to share with the little family.

and a challenging but amusing "thing" for the friends. The expectations are set high, folks!

A year ago I learned at my own costs that there were strict rules to follow to have a successful party : sodas, candies and cake + coordinated theme, decor and entertainment resulting in a disappointed Highness who blamed me for all the misery in her life (4 years old drama queen and spoiled rat!). In my emergency kit of parenthood birthday party involves blowing candles, cake, rudimentary decor and let the kids entertain themselves (minimum adult interference). It didn't strike me as an evidence that the parents should be graduated from the New York Film Academy. I was so naive to believe that the whole process of selecting the guests and the effort in writing the invitations were the booster of building the social identity of our precious ones. I was W-R-O-N-G. From now on birthday party = sugar pumped kids in a fancy decor.

Macarons workshop for the friends.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mama? 0-°

The other day we were strolling along the park on our way to the woods.

-The Highness daughter: Mamaaaaa? May I have your camera? I'd like to take a picture.
((I hand over the camera. She took the picture of this flower. I was amazed by how she knew how to switch on and to zoom in/out. She tried different angles (looking up/down, crouching, straight on), she took pictures of the stem, focusing on the pistil, the stamen and the leaves before taking this picture)). 

-The Highness daughter: There. This one is the one. (long pause). Mamaaaaa? May I take a picture of you ?
-Mama-me: Yes, of course. (Strike the pose. Vogue style).
-The Highness daughter: (laughing) Nooooo. Not like that. I want a picture of you but from the back.
-Mama-me:   °-°  
-The Highness daughter: Yes. You don't know how you look like from the back.
-Mama-me:   °-°      O-0

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Monday, October 7, 2013

In a dream

Autumn is here, soon the winter coats, the ritual of the window scraper, the winter shovel and the annoying condensation on the glasses are knocking on the door. When we lived in North America, winter was very long and harshly cold. We also had sunny days that made you blind and some other days when your nose hairs are frozen from the ice cold air. Here in France, winter is mild punctuated with some cold days but not enough to freeze all the germs. So every year for at least 1 week, I'm out-of-order. Today, I went to La Patisserie des rêves, Paris 7e. You eat first with your eyes : very inventive and disruptive shape (e.g. chocolate eclair see picture below). My tastebuds were not thrilled, I found it too sugary. And a beautiful boutique!!! Just like a dream, white wall, pastries under glass bubbles, touch of pink colour. My daughter loves the decor, she wants the same thing for a bedroom. It was crowded when we were there, not much interaction with the staff. I was pleased to try it. 

top left: vanilla mille-feuille - top right: Saint-honoré 
down left: fruitier - down right: chocolat éclair

Sunday, October 6, 2013

La farandole des tétines

The Highness daughter is was a pacifier lover. From dusk till dawn, she had her pacifier for 1.5 years straight. I dreaded the day we had to wean her from it. I could feel the sweaty hands and the sleepless nights coming. Actually it was easier than I thought. We mentally prepared her by telling the pacifier has done a great job to soothe her but it is finally time to go to the retirement center as all pacifiers of all the kiddies around the world do. She asked for it throughout the day, it was going to be a loooonngg day but we managed to distract her and the pacifier was history after a week.


Until the other day I was tidy up her room I noticed the pacifiers sling (I kept some as souvenirs) was gone and the Highness daughter was in the bathroom cleaning up a pacifier to discretely put in her mouth. I observed her for a while and realized she is growing up (and fast). She gets sometimes on my nerves but I love her so much.
As ex-expats, we moved around a lot. She had to be, quite a few times, the new kid on the block. It was not easy for her as a shy girly girl but she managed. There is an endless sparkle in her eyes and one can see she is truly happy. We, parents, did a great job so far.

As for the brother Mowgli, he was never really interested in pacifiers. He had 3 which he quickly abandoned. He is a smart one he was hooked up to breastfeeding, still now. He still gets his moment in the morning. We decide it is time to stop, we'll see how it works.

As for breastfeeding, soothing, quitting, how was it for you ?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Remember these?

17 000 beads to sort

17 000!!!!

Better start now

So many!

I finally got everything sorted out. Results in the next chapter.