Saturday, September 7, 2013

Raw treasure

Today is introspective thinking and resume writing. 

It makes me mildly stressful and weepy, to think consciously about oneself, to highlight the best of you. 
I, on the contrary, always, found myself on the dark side: what I can not or who I am not. Then my mind starts to wander on what I did (not) do, on what I did (not) say and on all the trivial and insignificant moments of my life. And everything starts to get gloomy such as blogging. It should be soothing, instead I feel like a masochist, documenting my own dark self and publishing to the no man's land, the web. 
Mother is always bashing me with the "pull yourself together!", the "get your life on an even keel!" and la piece de resistance "arrgh... You're useless!" (Yes! Folks, Mommie Dearest). Low self esteem = checked

I am strained, my tummy aka. Goodyear belt is all puffified (I am a walking muffin!) and I'm having painful menstrual cramps.

This is me having an overload introspection.