Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please my palate!

My quest to find the Holy Grail of tasting discoveries has just begun. 

Why? because my brain is wired to prefer food. Every day I look for The ultimate combination of sight, touch, sound, flavour and texture
If we do combine them correctly, it is an enjoyment! Even more, it is a compelling love story between the eye, (the hand),  the ear, the mouth, the nose and the brain. An erotic & heavenly sensation !

This sunday, the dh, the Highness Princess, little Mowgli and I, went to Pâtissier Carl Marletti
It is located in the 5e arrondissement. As for the decor, it is a contrast between the dark counter and the light painting brick wall. It is sober but cosy little boutique. 

We savoured a mouthful of le Millefeuille Vanille, le Désir, Marie-Antoinette and la tarte au citron 
(+éclair au chocolat and almond, chocolate, raspberry, lemon/basil macarons --->those were devoured on the way home). 

Millefeuille Vanille
Delicious! A battle between sweet creamy vanilla and a crispy bitter caramelized puff pastry. (this batch was slightly over-caramelized to me)

 I lurve chocolate. However I'm not fond of chocolate pastry but le Désir has something surprising. Your fork goes into the dark layered chocolate mousse peacefully & quietly. Suddenly, you hear a cracky noise, the sound of a chocolate tablet breaking.

Rose flavoured cream sandwiched between two raspberry cookies. The candied raspberry on top sublimates the macaron. Divine! The cream doesn't taste like soap as I once discovered in other pâtisseries.

Tarte au citron
The lemon curd tart was p-e-r-f-e-c-t, balance between sweet and bitter cream nested in a pie crust with a candied lemon on top.

The "hosts" know what the ingredients are and are really cheerful. We could chat with Chef Marletti for a while, a passionate man. 
And I consider a plus when they wear gloves and don't touch the pâtisseries with the hand they touch the money or it is a nominated person who is in charge of the cash desk. 

Yet the adventure has just begun...
And you? What's your favourite pastry and pâtissier ? Where to find ?