Monday, September 30, 2013

Les Zartistes

I always encourage our Highness and little Mowgli to express their feelings and emotions. It is crucial to be able to describe and to understand them (in order to cope with them). I'm not an expert, I do yell or let the situation escalate. I'm neither the role model, neither a perfect mother, I have my fair share of psychological issues to deal with. But I want to give them the right tools to build a solid foundation.

The means are body language, role play, reading and drawing.
I love to watch them documenting a moment of their life, a singing bird on a tree, a house full of love or just blueish spirals on a paper and the joyful expression on their faces is delectable.

It is strange as the time goes by, we, adults, forget how to express ourselves or we communicate badly.  Is it just the result of the mutation of a selfish society or simple the expression of an innerself ?