Friday, September 13, 2013

La rentrée

As we enter into a new school year, my mind is flooded with fond memories : the thrill of getting colorful school supplies... a plethora of pens and unchewed crayons in a perfectly dashy backpack, new shoes and at the other end, a head full of resolutions and expectations. 

Today I just realize the energy to put on scavenger hunt for school supplies (not from the teacher side but from the daughter side). I've been given a list of items to get for the next day (at 8p.m. and already in my pj): 

  • 1 binder - A4 format (pink one of course!)
  • 1 paper or plastic bag 
  • 1 regular size box of Kleenex (with Hello Kitty drawings on it)
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes for gym (please please pleeeeeassse!! I don't like the white ones, they are so booooorrriinnggg!)
  • 1 photo - passport size
  • pink binder? I remembered having one few years ago when I was still in my undergraduates years. After interminable hours in the basement, I found "The" binder. ---> Pink binder = checked
  • 1 paper or plastic bag? Mmmm... back in the basement to go through the paper recycling bins      ---> paper bag = checked
  • Kleenex? Can't live without a box of paper tissue and paper towels, specially living with toddlers. -mama, with HK on it?! I took out my sharpies and drew wonky HKs but it did the job and Your Highness Miss L. was happy  ---> Kleenex = checked
  • gym? I got them a couple weeks ago planning to replace the old ones ---> gym shoes = checked
  • passport size portrait? crop&print a picture of Your Highness in holidays at grandma's and cutting in size ---> picture = checked

My ... my... my ...  (o_0)   ---> = me thinking 

One of the resolutions for this new school year was "getting my homework done" = checked

And at last, Supermom reaches for her magic wand. Boring white gym shoes turn ...

into this!