Thursday, September 26, 2013


Dear Bloggers, it's been almost a week since I talk to you.

I was busy with the applications, tests and job interviews.

I'm trying to deal with the constant needs of attention of The Highness and to cope with the lack of sleep due to our dear Mowgli. He relapses in the state of sleeping until 11 P.M., wakes up, cries his lung out and falls back asleep to perform another sonata at 2 A.M., falls back asleep after his throat is sore and finally to put the cherry on top, he wakes up at 5.30 A.M. 

The problem is not when he falls asleep when we put him to bed. It is during the night, from 11 P.M. and on.
We tried the "cuddle-sing a song-kiss (walk away quietly)". DRAMA ! DRAMA!
We did the "bring him to our room" BAD BAAAD IDEA! It all winds up with everybody exhausted.
We tried also the "don't pick him up-only check temperature and let him cry progressively for longer periods of time" and to finally give up. Our lame excuse is not to wake up the Highness.
Now it is "let him cry out". We'll see from there.

When can we, parents, sleep in?

To all parents, let's go on strike against those monopolizing gnomes! Our demand = a good night sleep. Everybody with me. WE WANT SLEEP! WE WANT SLEEP! WE WANT SLEEP!