Monday, September 30, 2013

Les Zartistes

I always encourage our Highness and little Mowgli to express their feelings and emotions. It is crucial to be able to describe and to understand them (in order to cope with them). I'm not an expert, I do yell or let the situation escalate. I'm neither the role model, neither a perfect mother, I have my fair share of psychological issues to deal with. But I want to give them the right tools to build a solid foundation.

The means are body language, role play, reading and drawing.
I love to watch them documenting a moment of their life, a singing bird on a tree, a house full of love or just blueish spirals on a paper and the joyful expression on their faces is delectable.

It is strange as the time goes by, we, adults, forget how to express ourselves or we communicate badly.  Is it just the result of the mutation of a selfish society or simple the expression of an innerself ?

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Dear Bloggers, it's been almost a week since I talk to you.

I was busy with the applications, tests and job interviews.

I'm trying to deal with the constant needs of attention of The Highness and to cope with the lack of sleep due to our dear Mowgli. He relapses in the state of sleeping until 11 P.M., wakes up, cries his lung out and falls back asleep to perform another sonata at 2 A.M., falls back asleep after his throat is sore and finally to put the cherry on top, he wakes up at 5.30 A.M. 

The problem is not when he falls asleep when we put him to bed. It is during the night, from 11 P.M. and on.
We tried the "cuddle-sing a song-kiss (walk away quietly)". DRAMA ! DRAMA!
We did the "bring him to our room" BAD BAAAD IDEA! It all winds up with everybody exhausted.
We tried also the "don't pick him up-only check temperature and let him cry progressively for longer periods of time" and to finally give up. Our lame excuse is not to wake up the Highness.
Now it is "let him cry out". We'll see from there.

When can we, parents, sleep in?

To all parents, let's go on strike against those monopolizing gnomes! Our demand = a good night sleep. Everybody with me. WE WANT SLEEP! WE WANT SLEEP! WE WANT SLEEP!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Celebrating Autumn - Montreal version

Autumn is a particular season for us, the ending of the warm weather and the beginning of the cold weather. We contemplate the leaves falling and go for long walks in the woods and collect different golden/red leaves, rocks and sticks for the kiddies crafts projects.

When we were living in Montreal, Autumn was wonderful (except for the heavy rains for a couple of days). As this period of time, we prepared ourself mentally and physically for the upcoming and loooonng cold weather. We autumn-cleaned the house and took out all the blankets and the gladiator winter protection (beanie, meter long scarf, windproof gloves) ready to be put on. We made room for a stock of maple syrup and for a looot of candles. Mid-October, we carved the pumpkins and indulged ourselves with chocolate: chocolate pastries, chocolate croissant, chocolate biscuits, chocolate tablette, mousse au chocolat and hot chocolate to drink. And by the end of the month, Halloween!!

Olympic stadium

Montreal Botanical Garden

Next episode : Autumn in Paris.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

□▢ Square ▢▣

I was strolling in Saint-Germain en Laye when I bumped into this pastry shop.

It is a black/pink tiny cosy little shop where you can find good squared tartelette, from chocolate to profiteroles. They do themed workshops for children and adults (I've got 2 in my portfolio of becoming an amateur pastry chef or... maybe just professional pastry eater). Sabrina, the pastry chef is a really nice person and she teaches you some neat tricks. A good experience without pretention. 

Tartelette chocolait
Tartelette passion fruit and raspberry
Tartelette aux pommes 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Small talk of a post

Between uploads of my resume, I enjoy (watching) a good game of Mikado.

Those are photo archives. Actually I didn't take any pictures today, it seems The Highness played with the camera and misplaced it. Send out a search party.

Yep! This is my dried skin hand. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

☆☆ Spinning around ☆

I was cleaning files on my laptop and I bumped into those pictures: the paint spinner. 

Let's read the instructions.

Lock card securely into the 4 grooves.

Pull side handle to start the card spinning. 

 Add a little of red, yellow and finally some blue.

Spin - spin - spin
Add colors - Spiiiiiiiinnnnnnn

Add more colors - Sppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn

Feel dizzy but amused.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please my palate!

My quest to find the Holy Grail of tasting discoveries has just begun. 

Why? because my brain is wired to prefer food. Every day I look for The ultimate combination of sight, touch, sound, flavour and texture
If we do combine them correctly, it is an enjoyment! Even more, it is a compelling love story between the eye, (the hand),  the ear, the mouth, the nose and the brain. An erotic & heavenly sensation !

This sunday, the dh, the Highness Princess, little Mowgli and I, went to Pâtissier Carl Marletti
It is located in the 5e arrondissement. As for the decor, it is a contrast between the dark counter and the light painting brick wall. It is sober but cosy little boutique. 

We savoured a mouthful of le Millefeuille Vanille, le Désir, Marie-Antoinette and la tarte au citron 
(+éclair au chocolat and almond, chocolate, raspberry, lemon/basil macarons --->those were devoured on the way home). 

Millefeuille Vanille
Delicious! A battle between sweet creamy vanilla and a crispy bitter caramelized puff pastry. (this batch was slightly over-caramelized to me)

 I lurve chocolate. However I'm not fond of chocolate pastry but le Désir has something surprising. Your fork goes into the dark layered chocolate mousse peacefully & quietly. Suddenly, you hear a cracky noise, the sound of a chocolate tablet breaking.

Rose flavoured cream sandwiched between two raspberry cookies. The candied raspberry on top sublimates the macaron. Divine! The cream doesn't taste like soap as I once discovered in other pâtisseries.

Tarte au citron
The lemon curd tart was p-e-r-f-e-c-t, balance between sweet and bitter cream nested in a pie crust with a candied lemon on top.

The "hosts" know what the ingredients are and are really cheerful. We could chat with Chef Marletti for a while, a passionate man. 
And I consider a plus when they wear gloves and don't touch the pâtisseries with the hand they touch the money or it is a nominated person who is in charge of the cash desk. 

Yet the adventure has just begun...
And you? What's your favourite pastry and pâtissier ? Where to find ?

Friday, September 13, 2013

La rentrée

As we enter into a new school year, my mind is flooded with fond memories : the thrill of getting colorful school supplies... a plethora of pens and unchewed crayons in a perfectly dashy backpack, new shoes and at the other end, a head full of resolutions and expectations. 

Today I just realize the energy to put on scavenger hunt for school supplies (not from the teacher side but from the daughter side). I've been given a list of items to get for the next day (at 8p.m. and already in my pj): 

  • 1 binder - A4 format (pink one of course!)
  • 1 paper or plastic bag 
  • 1 regular size box of Kleenex (with Hello Kitty drawings on it)
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes for gym (please please pleeeeeassse!! I don't like the white ones, they are so booooorrriinnggg!)
  • 1 photo - passport size
  • pink binder? I remembered having one few years ago when I was still in my undergraduates years. After interminable hours in the basement, I found "The" binder. ---> Pink binder = checked
  • 1 paper or plastic bag? Mmmm... back in the basement to go through the paper recycling bins      ---> paper bag = checked
  • Kleenex? Can't live without a box of paper tissue and paper towels, specially living with toddlers. -mama, with HK on it?! I took out my sharpies and drew wonky HKs but it did the job and Your Highness Miss L. was happy  ---> Kleenex = checked
  • gym? I got them a couple weeks ago planning to replace the old ones ---> gym shoes = checked
  • passport size portrait? crop&print a picture of Your Highness in holidays at grandma's and cutting in size ---> picture = checked

My ... my... my ...  (o_0)   ---> = me thinking 

One of the resolutions for this new school year was "getting my homework done" = checked

And at last, Supermom reaches for her magic wand. Boring white gym shoes turn ...

into this!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Raw treasure

Today is introspective thinking and resume writing. 

It makes me mildly stressful and weepy, to think consciously about oneself, to highlight the best of you. 
I, on the contrary, always, found myself on the dark side: what I can not or who I am not. Then my mind starts to wander on what I did (not) do, on what I did (not) say and on all the trivial and insignificant moments of my life. And everything starts to get gloomy such as blogging. It should be soothing, instead I feel like a masochist, documenting my own dark self and publishing to the no man's land, the web. 
Mother is always bashing me with the "pull yourself together!", the "get your life on an even keel!" and la piece de resistance "arrgh... You're useless!" (Yes! Folks, Mommie Dearest). Low self esteem = checked

I am strained, my tummy aka. Goodyear belt is all puffified (I am a walking muffin!) and I'm having painful menstrual cramps.

This is me having an overload introspection.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Make it pretty!

 PomPoms + daughter L = ?

Hocus Pocus

So PomPoms + daughter L = nifty garland

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chocolate cupcake with a coconut/passion fruit frosting = a sin

I ran errands today and brought back this delicious chocolate cupcake w/ a coconut and passion fruit frosting as a fuel before attending to the chores.



Until I was attacked by a pirate. 
He was faster than the speed of light, a split second and then the cupcake was gone. 
I could snatch a picture. 
If you recognize this hand, please email me (any leads are appreciated).