Friday, August 30, 2013

Insight into our 'imaginary' life

This is our life through the creative imagination of the 4-years-old (sooorry 4 1/2) daughter of mine.

Our house is filled with sweet smelling flowers. 
Lucifer, the cat, is so fond of the ones, which smell orange.

Mama, I put extras here because it is the bathroom after all. 

Granny and grandpa are staying for the weekend. 
Papa is making his yummy stew because we celebrate being together.
The bialetti is already screaming: drink my delicious coffee, drink me!!!

We are all sitting at the table because it is almost time 
to have a little snack (chocolate cake or vanilla pudding for me)
My brother is always trying to make funny faces to have everyone looked at him.
Vito, our puppy, one that is not allowed to grow (-why?) because puppies are cute and they don't bark so loud. 

The baby is asleep in the stroller because we just got in from a stroll. 

Upstairs, grandpa is napping because... because... I don't have enough chairs, so he's napping.